Subscription Plans

Pay as you go.     No contract or lock-in.      7 Day Free Trial.

Standard License

  • Reports: 300 PDF/PPTx, additional reports at 12 cents each
  • PDF/PPTx access: Email
  • Concurrent job runs:   3
  • Phone / email support: 2 hours per year included. Additional support at $100 per hour
  • Excel export of table and matrix visuals
  • Auto-refresh slicer and filter values
  • BI Helper APIs: Customize email body, run job on demand, edit job


Premium License

  • Reports: 500 PDF/PPTx + Excel, additional reports at 20 cents each
  • PDF/PPTx access: SFTP server + email
  • Concurrent job runs:   25
  • Phone / email support: 4 hours per year included. Additional support at $100 per hour
  • APIs: Customized email, run job on demand
  • Auto Refresh: Dynamic selection of slicers and filters values
  • Excel export of table and matrix visuals


Report setup fee: $250 (Optional)

Enterprise License

  • Reports: 1500 PDF/PPTx + Excel, additional reports at 25 cents each
  • Application
    • Phone / email support: 10 hours+ per year
    • Concurrent job runs: 50
    • User accounts: Unlimited
  • Information security
    • Data sovereignty: User defined
    • Data encryption: AWS / Customer managed key
    • Email encryption: Enforced TLS
  • Audit and compliance
    • Application and infrastructure audit reports
    • User defined data retention for PDF / PPTX

Starts at  


*For other payment modes, contact us.

Which is the right license for you?

  1. Standard - for SMBs with low report volumes and slicer / filter values that don't change too often.

  2. Premium - for midsize to large businesses with large report volumes, data analytics needs and slicer / filter values that change frequently.

  3. Enterprise - for Premium license users who additionally need customized information security, audit and compliance reporting.

  4. More details are in this table to help you decide the best BI Helper license for your reporting needs.
    Your business size
    Small to midsize
    Midsize to large
    Internal IT team
    Limited / extensive
    Full IT support
    Monthly PDF Volume
    Below 500
    500 - 1,500
    Above 1,500
    Excel downloads of table and matrix visuals
    Review PDFs before sending
    Slicer / filter values in your reports
    Phone and email support
    2 hrs / year
    4 hrs / year
    10 hrs / year (custom)
    User accounts
    No limit
    No limit
    Data sovereignty
    Default - US East
    Default - US East
    PDF encryption
    AWS managed key
    AWS managed key
    Customer managed key
    Email encryption
    Opportunistic TLS
    Opportunistic TLS
    Enforced TLS
    Audit and compliance reports
    Quarterly application and infra audit reports

Report setup - Premium License

We will set up your first report on BI Helper. This includes:

  1. Automated slicer / filer values refresh either from Power BI or from your data source.

  2. Performance evaluation of PDF throughput and optimizing the parameters.

  3. Email whitelisting / custom email domain setup.

  4. Job trigger based on user defined events (e.g., after dataset refresh or on user demand).

  5. Automated movement of PDFs from BI Helper's SFTP server to user's environment.

  6. Customization of PDF file names and folder structure.