BI Helper Case Study - Nicholaisen A/S

Nicholaisen provides sales, design and consultancy on innovative machine solutions and service concepts for the wood, plastics and aluminum industries. Nicholaisen’s customers include leading manufacturers of kitchens, furniture, doors and windows in Denmark.

Use Case

As a part of managing production machinery for their customers, Nicholaisen gathers machine performance and maintenance data in an automated manner. With this data Nicholaisen has built machine-related reports in Power BI. As the next step, Nicholaisen wanted to keep their customers informed of the status of their machines by distributing these reports on a regular basis.

The only way to do this was to manually generate PDFs on each Power BI report and email them to the respective customers. With many customers using many machines, sharing regular and updated reports soon became both time-consuming and error-prone.

Solution - Enter BI Helper!

In order to automate and streamline this process, Nicholaisen onboarded BI Helper. BI Helper’s automated slicer selection enables Nicholaisen to generate customer and machine-specific reports and email them to users. These reports are sent daily and weekly via BI Helper.

BI Helper is entirely managed by Nicholaisen’s data analytics team and is not dependent on their IT team.


Since 2019, Nicholaisen has sent thousands of PDF reports to their customers. This data-driven approach has helped enhance customer and machine productivity and deliver significant business benefits. As a part of their consulting services, Nicholaisen has on-boarded some of their customers to BI Helper to help them with their own report generation and distribution requirements.