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About Us

BI Helper is a product from Vega Business Solutions.

The BI Helper product suite was launched in 2019 to help companies deliver actionable business information and insights to their customers. It does so by extending the functionality of leading business intelligence tools like Power BI and Tableau by automating the generation and distribution of reports from these tools. BI Helper has clients in the US, Europe, UK and Australia and is adding customers and enhancing its capabilities every month.

Vega is a business strategy and technology consulting firm. Founded in 2015, Vega has built and managed technology products and solutions for its global clients in mortgage banking, IT and field services, staffing, payment solutions and collections. Vega has built deep expertise in a range of programming languages, frameworks, databases and other tools, which it uses to design and implement thoughtful solutions for critical and hard-to-solve business problems.


Kiran Hosakote In a career spanning over 25 years, Kiran has worked in product management, intellectual property development, venture capital and commercial lending. Prior to co-founding Vega in 2015, Kiran was Country Head at Intellectual Ventures India where he led a team to source, develop and monetize an invention and IP portfolio. Before that, Kiran headed the title services and REO closings business at Ocwen Financial Corporation, growing it from a standing start to $15 mm revenue in under one year. His earlier assignments included stints in leading venture capital and consumer products companies in India. Kiran holds degrees in engineering and management from leading schools in India.

   Kiran Hosakote       kiran@bihelper.tech

Ishan Rastogi Over the last 10 years, Ishan has built and managed technology products and solutions for marketing intelligence, data warehousing and content delivery networks. Before BI Helper, Ishan was leading Data Warehousing and Automated Insights Generation teams for MiQ. Prior to that Ishan worked with Akamai Technologies on the distributed cloud storage platform. Ishan holds a degree in Software Engineering from a leading engineering school in India.

   Ishan Rastogi       ishan@bihelper.tech