BI Helper Case Study - 1Path

1Path is a Managed IT Services Provider based out of Atlanta, GA, which manages the IT infrastructure of its clients comprising data centers, hardware devices, deployed software and networking equipment.

Use Case

1Path’s clients need regular information about their engagement with 1Path related to their billing, devices managed, support tickets and endpoint security. 1Path tasked its client engagement managers with providing this information in a regular and structured manner. With a small number of client engagement managers for hundreds of customers, 1Path needed a solution to fulfil its client requests to report on its service volumes and quality objectively and consistently (every month and quarter).

1Path built a client dashboard in Power BI to report on Help Desk tickets, infrastructure and devices managed, endpoint security and billing. It defined a set of data analysis metrics, set up data connections with the required data sources and created the dashboard in Power BI. With this, all the required information was consolidated into a standard set of visuals for client reporting.

The next challenge was to customize the dashboard for each client, generate PDFs (monthly and quarterly) and send them to their clients. Regularly and in an automated manner. Power BI Pro does not offer its customers this functionality.

Solution - Enter BI Helper!

1Path configured their Power BI client dashboard on BI Helper to automatically generate and distribute client-specific monthly and quarterly reports to their end-users. These reports are in PDF format and sent to their clients as email attachments, with the respective client engagement managers copied on the mails.

Further, 1Path integrated BI Helper with its CRM system to ensure that BI Helper always pulls the latest active customer list and sends PDFs to updated customer contacts.

BI Helper is managed by 1Path’s client engagement team and is not dependent on their IT team to send reports.


With information being regularly sent out to their customers, 1Path met its client reporting and engagement objectives. This has made its client engagement team more productive and led to enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction scores.

Having observed 1Path’s client engagement strategy, some of 1Path’s customers requested them to set up a similar solution for them. Today, some of 1Path’s clients have signed up as BI Helper customers, using its power to drive their client engagement programs.